Updating magento

It’s hard to guess which version you have now, but we hope it’s at least.

To make the process more vivid we installed a shop on Magento with sample data and we are going to upgrade it to, which is the latest stable Magento version as of this writing. So if you use the instructions from this article, make sure you replace these values with your own ones.

Luckily, we know a lot of agencies that do know a lot about how Magento works.

To update Magento you’ll need to use the SSH method explained below under “Update Magento 1 via SSH” Updating Magento 1.7 or 1.8 to version 1.9 works slightly different then updating from an older version: cd chmod 750 mage ./mage mage-setup .i made a clone of my website through cpannel (called: senore.com/ecommerce) and then upgraded the clone site, the upgrade worked (well it says in backend that it is now version however when i open up my originaly website (senore.com)none of the links work it just say 404 error and i have to add the "/ecommerce" to view any pages. Hi Adam, As I think, you didn't create clone of database also.For same you need to run the your original website on old database and new magento 1.9 on newly created database../mage config-set preferred_state stable ./mage sync ./mage install Mage_All_Latest --force php shell/reindexall rm -rf downloader/.cache/ var/cache/ n98-magerun cache:flush Magento is no easy open source CMS.Although we’re very skilled in hosting Magento shops, making them fast and keeping conversion high, we’re no Magento developers.

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