Updating bathroom ceramic tile

Repaint some or all of the tile in the dry areas of the bathroom, away from the tub or shower, to add patterns and designs or to completely change their color.

Add a new theme or accent detail to the bathroom walls with decals.

“Repainting tile yourself is not a project that will improve your home’s resale value.” Some meticulous homeowners can do an adequate job, Prosser says, but he can always spot a DIY fix vs. “Obviously, I’m a bath contractor and I would love to come and rip out your tile,” Prosser says, “but I’m a big believer in saving your money until you can do what you want.

Personally, if I can’t buy the best, I just wait.” A professional tub and tile refinisher can evaluate whether your tile can be rejuvenated rather than replaced.

This will help break up the tile so it's easier to remove. If you're working with smaller bathroom tiles, drilling holes is not necessary.

Put the pry bar beneath small sections of the broken tile and pull it upward to remove the tile.

Plus I figured solid white would be an improvement over the blue, gray and swirlies. We didn’t really have any caulk, but what we did have was cracked, chipping, and missing in grout in the corners and edges.

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Some decals may peel away if used in wet areas such as the shower or tub surround; for best results, use them in other areas of the bathroom.Rollers provide the best way to apply the paint on a large surface area of ceramic tile.Does your cherub-pink 1950s bathtub give you nightmares? If your bathroom tub and tile are in sound condition but simply need an aesthetic makeover, you might be considering repainting or refinishing them yourself.If you're having trouble removing a tile because of the grout, use your chisel to chip away at the grout line until the tile becomes loose.If you're only replacing broken tiles rather than updating an entire section, be careful not to damage the surrounding ceramic when you work on the grout line.

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