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From the phenomenological point of view, the uniqueness and the emergence of the human race become visible in many ways.Think of the capacity humans have to adapt their habitat to themselves, according to specific intentions and projects, and to adapt themselves to it in the most convenient way; their language, which allows them to communicate through universal and symbolic forms of communication, and develop abstract thought despite the concreteness and the immediateness of their instinctive life; their capacity to understand the natural world, whose behavior they are able to predict and transform according to their needs; their restless search for further knowledge and deliberate targets, which gives rise to their history.

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Elisha was reportedly distraught when Ayala's close friend and business partner Justin Timberlake released the song "What Goes Around ...With nine home runs, a .312 batting average and a .394 on-base percentage to his name, the right fielder is earning every penny of his .85 million contract.But he uses at least some of that money to spoil his lady, “Jo,” as he calls her.Trace, who grew up with JT in Memphis, Tenn., and is his business partner in various ventures (from restaurants to clothing lines), has been dating Joanna for the past two years, ever since his split with 24 star Elisha Cuthbert.Trace and Elisha's breakup was immortalized in Justin's hit single "What Goes Around...

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