The dirt on dating

were about to challenge Ciara, 30, and Russell Simmons, 27, for the title of “Cutest Sports-Entertainment Couple” when they appeared on Snapchat together on April 11.

Kate was right when she said that the NFL star was “enormous,” but deep inside that 6’5 frame is a huge sweetheart! “Life made,” the football star said, though perhaps Jennifer has moved to the No.

But TJ's corporate has a reputation for being secretive.

And where there are secrets, there's usually a story.

It wasn't a horrible date, but it wasn't very memorable either.

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The Houston Texans didn’t play in Super Bowl 50, but the team’s star, J. Watt, 27, looked like a big winner when he flirted with Kate Hudson, 37, on Snapchat! These two were all giggles as they attempted to put a crown of stars on the NFL stud’s head, but they kept on sticking to her!

"We're not supposed to talk to media, sorry," the friendly-as-ever Trader Joe's employee said to me, smiling. Trader Joe's is an amazing company -- a company that even sent me a gift card just for writing it a letter.

I get good vibes from its employees, and I love its food.

Spoiler alert: you won't want to quit your job just to save money on groceries.

TJ's bizarrely cool, comic bookish Fearless Flyer comes out only eight times a year to highlight "mostly new stuff" hitting shelves.

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