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64th Street (actual exterior shots are of 332 East 84th Street, between 1st and 2nd Avenues on the southeast end of the block.) Brenda, a bank teller, is an insecure person with low self-esteem with dating problems, similar to how Rhoda herself had experienced difficulty in dating in Minneapolis in the early years of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.The first episode of Season 1, entitled "Joe", aired on CBS on Monday, September 9, 1974 at PM.

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The show was a spin-off of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, in which Harper between the years 19 had played the role of Rhoda Morgenstern, a spunky, weight-conscious, flamboyantly fashioned Jewish neighbor and native New Yorker in the role of Mary Richards' best friend.

After four seasons, Rhoda left Minneapolis and returned to her original hometown of New York City.

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