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Photographer: Alcala, pictured in the late 70s around the age of 35, had over 100 photos of unidentified young women and girls in his possession which police are still trying to use to identify more potential victims Decades of suspicion, an indictment last year and 18 months of legal maneuvering over extraditing him culminated Wednesday with his arrival in New York City on a U. Her remains were found the next year in the woods on a suburban estate.

Her disappearance and Crilley's death made headlines and spurred extensive searches.

In an effort to connect him with his crimes, police are asking the public’s help to identify the women and children in hundreds of snapshots taken by Alcala in the 1970’s.

Rodney Alcala, convicted serial killer, during his appearance on ABC’s ‘The Dating Game’ in 1978 " data-medium-file="

Rodney Alcala, once a contestant on the 'Dating Game' TV show, appeared in court in New York on Friday and confessed to the 1971 murder of TWA flight attendant Corelia Crilley and the 1977 murder of Ellen Hover, who was the daughter of a Hollywood nightclub owner. Alcala was indicted only recently, after the Manhattan district attorney's cold-case unit re-examined the cases, looked at evidence that emerged during the California trial and conducted new interviews with more than 100 witnesses.'It is my hope that this indictment brings a small measure of peace to the families and friends who have spent decades searching for answers, and justice,' Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance told the 'These cases were built one brick at a time, as each new lead brought us closer to where we are today,' District Attorney Cyrus R. said when Alcala was indicted, adding that he hoped the indictment 'brings a small measure of peace to the families and friends who have spent decades searching for answers, and justice.'Crilley was found, strangled with a stocking, in her Manhattan apartment in 1971.

While he has been incarcerated in New York, he has not had library privileges so he has not been able to conduct research and work on his case and he intimated in court on Friday that he is eager to resume work on trying to get off death row. Hover was living in Manhattan when she vanished in 1977.

Her lunch date's name, authorities later said, was an alias that Alcala used.This moniker stems from a successful appearance on the 1970's American television show "The Dating Game".He raped one of his victims with a claw hammer, and all of them were re More..peatedly strangled and resuscitated during their deaths to prolong their agony.Alcala had been eyed in Crilley's death for at least several years.New York Police Department detectives investigating her killing went to California in 2003 with a warrant to interview Alcala and get a dental impression from him.

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