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No Man's Sky developer Hello Games is invading GDC this week, but will sean Murray reveal the content update fans have been waiting for?

Game director Sean Murray, lead programmer Innes Mc Kendrick and audio director Paul Weir will all host conferences at GDC, beginning with a talk from Mc Kendrick about world generation today at 5.30pm UK time.

And people looked at me like I was absolutely disgusting. "I know firsthand what it's like to not have a stable environment to grow up in," she said.

is a procedural show, what makes it so special and has helped make it the most-watched drama worldwide is the personal interactions of the characters.

"It was like time travel, having a conversation with my 18-year-old self." RELATED: Jewel: Giving birth is 'such a gift' Jewel has been open about her struggles — from emotional and physical abuse at the hand of her father, to being broke and homeless, and living out of her car.

That happened after she turned down a boss' sexual advances and lost her job, she said.

And they are joined in the manhunt by FBI Special Agent Tess Monroe (Sarah Clarke) and MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves (Duane Henry), who have the potential to become series regulars.“We don’t know whether they’re permanent additions or not,” Murray says. They may just be recurring, but as far as changes to the show, we’ve had changes in front of the camera and, obviously, behind the cameras, and change is always scary at first, and people are resistant to change just naturally.”Here is more of what Murray had to say about what is ahead for Mc Gee and Last week, we saw into Mc Gee’s childhood more than we have before, which was very interesting and very personal. It was an important one for me as far as getting into the person.

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“We have a very similar sense of humor, and we know each other’s timing.

"For me, the hardest thing was being treated as if I was sub-human — as if I didn't matter," she said.

"I remember washing my hair at a bathroom sink in a Denny's, and I was using the hand towels to dry my hair. '" Her personal experience led to her work with Re Think, an organization dedicated to changing perception about public housing and homelessness, a cause close to Jewel's heart.

With the last major update coming in November, fans will be hoping for a look at the new content coming to No Man's Sky later this year."After this lecture, attendees will have the knowledge required to be able to generate, populate and render a unique looking planet," the post adds.

"They will have a deeper understanding of pitfalls to avoid and be inspired by where these techniques can go in the future."Meanwhile, Mc Kendrick's talk will look at the technical side of building procedurally generated worlds, although there's nothing in the description to suggest that new content will be shown."No Man's Sky uses procedural generation by necessity, creating vast game worlds which allow a player to transition seamlessly from space down to an interactive and populated terrain."This talk is a study of the technical architecture of No Man's Sky, focusing in particular on the techniques used to generate planets and the supporting structures allowing this to happen continuously in real-time."Giving insight into the challenges Hello Games faced in developing a vast game-world as a small team, this lecture will offer a step-by-step breakdown of their generation pipeline, from voxel-based world generation, through polygonization and texturing, to eventual population and simulation."The Foundation update was said to be the first of many new No Man's Sky releases, as the team looks to recover from a shaky release.

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