Oral sex date

Saying things like "I love when you flick your tongue like that," or "I love the way you feel in my mouth, do you like when I do this... This applies to both the giver and receiver as often women will play with themselves while receiving oral stimulation and they too should have clean hands. It is fairly easy to expose the urethra to bacteria that is harmful and thus often results in a UTI.

There’s nothing better than an early morning blowjob.If an infection occurs it is easily treated with antibiotics.If left untreated the infection can become more serious and spread into the kidneys.Giving great oral sex means knowing your partner's likes and dislikes which is made much easier through communication. Taking a moment to clean up before oral sex is always a good idea as it can prevent Urinary Tract Infections and make things more carefree once done.This may seem like an awkward thing to discuss, but done in the right way, it can simply turn into talking dirty to one another and make things even hotter. The following are some quick tips on how to go about doing this- You will want to wash hands well to make sure that you do not introduce harmful bacteria into the vagina or introduce it into the urethra.

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