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Hi, this is something I’ve been reading about a lot lately on Reddit and it’s really starting to annoy the crap out of me: Have you heard about the “pizzagate” conspiracy theory?

It seems to be the easiest way to get pretty caught up is through this Reddit post: https:// Now, there is obviously some weird stuff in there, but I really think these people are starting to go crazy!!

Dating a butch women who is shit that I never noticed before, especially when I bring up being sexually assaulted.

I remember one guy telling me, after I told him about the assault, that he thought society would be better if men were chemically castrated.

ast week, Alabama’s governor did a stupid thing, terribly.

He called a press conference to address an audio recording, steadily flowing into the ears of the state press, in which he talks over the phone with his closest advisor — a woman who is paid off the state books, and another man’s wife — about a sexual encounter between the two.

To my meager, meager credit, I did seek out only women who were looking for NSA hookups.

But I quickly came to realize how big of a mistake this was, how much I love my fiancée, and that I'm a shitty person. I feel like I'm not the person my fiancée thought I was. Should I just accept this as a lesson learned and keep it to myself?

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Jutting from the face of the bullshit pony was an obvious scenario much more disturbing than Bentley and a staff member enjoying a chat about sex they’d already had: that when the leader and the face of the people of Alabama had talked with his advisor about sauntering up behind her and placing his hands on her breasts, he was delivering unwanted sexual advances on a married underling.I see a therapist, and he advised that, if I'm certain this was a one-time thing, and if I'm convinced that I'm happy with my fiancée, I should keep quiet. Perhaps there's selfishness at play here, since I'm trying to make myself feel better, but I'm struggling.Can't Personally Overlook Selfishness I'm with your therapist, CPOS—and, hey, it's nice to see "keep your mouth shut about a one-time infidelity" make the jump from our finer advice columns (Dear Prudence, Dear Sugar, Savage Love) to some of our actual therapists.And, while I appreciate the feminist research that has gone into things like studying how this commercialist exploitation of hyper-beautiful models impacts women, I feel like we may be getting a little led astray here.Because here’s the thing; when I was dating women, I still saw those images; they just didn’t bug me as much.

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