Morrissette dating

Remember how all those endless Drake and Rihanna pictures amounted to pretty much nothing romance-wise?

(At least, not officially...)Or it could just be a particularly long and cruel joke. Although we do hope that we get some new music out of it.

Actress Minka Kelly is reportedly dating Josh Radnor.

According to In Touch the 42-year-old How I Met Your Mother actor has been seeing the 36-year-old beauty for some time now.

Rumours that Drennifer is a real, actual, legit thing have been hotting up in the past week or so after a series of Instagram posts of the two looking rather close.

Sources have claimed that the pair are "smitten" with each other and that they "have fun together and that's all that matters".

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kinda creepy that he's still affiliated with the Ice Capades. v=e KUBn3-Evs I&t=12m28s wonder she had a breakdown and disappeared before her Jagged Little Pill album. Check out this site that helps you put it all together... line "I might want to marry you one day if you watch that weight and you keep your firm body"...OK, so we're not saying it's official, but Jennifer Lopez and Drake are certainly looking very loved-up in this new Instagram photo.Both stars shared the same picture on their respective pages, suggesting that there IS something serious going on between the two of them.Drake recently attended J-Lo's Las Vegas residency show, where he held on to her diamond-encrusted hat while she performed.Of course, this could just mean that they're close friends.

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