Lovers plus friends speed dating

The Valentine’s Day matchmaking affair, which took place in Boylston Hall’s Ticknor Lounge, featured traditional speed dates as well as the addition of platonic “speed friending.” The pairs of speed daters negotiated the terms of the date at the start of their three-minute conversations. Song ’14, the president of the Independent, estimated that most students went on traditional speed dates, though some did choose to try speed friending.She said she was pleased by the overall turnout.“I think a lot of people had a great time, and people were able to meet a lot of other people,” Song said.

Click here for more infoew and exciting entertainment every Wednesday night. Mic in Hand began in 2003 as the brainchild of Sydney comedians Kent Valentine and Sam Bowring, as a way of providing up-and-coming comedians with a friendly and supportive environment to hone their craft.Fliers and emails circulated over House lists stated that all identities were welcome, and the registration form asked students to list their contact information, preferred gender pronoun, and sexuality.Daters were not placed into separate groups at the event based on their answers.Attendees enjoyed Finale chocolate ganache and blueberry cheesecake, as well as an unusually balanced gender ratio.According to Song, this year’s event drew more men than usual.

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