Law mandating ethanol use 2016

But the RFS in recent years has increasingly pitted two groups against one another — fuel refiners who blend renewable fuels into their products and have decried increasing volume requirements, and ethanol producers themselves — with the EPA stuck in the middle.The agency has accordingly missed a series of deadlines to promulgate annual volume requirements for biofuels, leading to a lawsuit earlier this year by the American Petroleum Institute and American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers. “This puts us back on track in terms of our statutory schedule, and we intend to stay on it,” Mc Cabe said. “Regardless of the numbers, we are now discussing volumes for 20 on November 30, 2015,” said Stephen Brown, vice president and counsel for federal affairs at Tesoro Companies, a major refiner.But the studies don’t agree, and each side cites the science that supports its position. An independent panel of academic scientists for the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences — reviewing the conflicting work of Searchinger, Wang and several others — concluded in a 2011 report that “corn-grain ethanol might not have lower [greenhouse gas emission] values than petroleum-based gasoline.” It cited “plausible scenarios in which GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions from corn-grain ethanol are much higher than those of petroleum-based fuels,” and questioned the method by which EPA determined that ethanol would produce 21 percent less emissions.The ethanol lobby’s “Fuels America” coalition cites the Wang study in its ad. National Research Council: [A]ccording to EPA’s own estimates, corn-grain ethanol produced in 2011, which is almost exclusively made in biorefineries using natural gas as a heat source, is a higher emitter of GHG than gasoline.For example, a 2012 study headed by Michael Wang of the Argonne National Laboratory for the U. Department of Energy projected that the corn-based ethanol found at practically all U. fuel pumps would cut carbon emissions by around 34 percent in 2015 (Table 7), even when considering changes in land use. plant designed to produce cellulosic ethanol in commercial quantities opened for startup operations in 2014.

Once you add the emissions from growing, shipping and processing the corn, ethanol creates more pollution than oil.

That made it all the more surprising when it emerged Feb.

27 that the 81-year-old billionaire -- now a special regulatory adviser to President -- had won the backing of the Renewable Fuels Association.

At the heart of the dispute lies the question of who exactly should be responsible for complying with a 12-year-old law mandating the blending of ethanol in gasoline. He argued loudly and repeatedly during the general election that the burden shouldn’t fall on companies like his but on fuel blenders instead.

Icahn, a renowned corporate raider, controls one of the largest independent U. Icahn’s position is anathema to most of the biofuels industry.

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