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Android Emulator Provider # how many seconds to wait before a user can retry registration #sess-man/plugins-conf/kontalk\:jabber\:iq\:register/android-expire[I]=900 # the sender number of the emulated SMS #sess-man/plugins-conf/kontalk\:jabber\:iq\:register/android-sender=12345 # the device ID of the emulator to send the SMS to #sess-man/plugins-conf/kontalk\:jabber\:iq\:register/android-device=emulator-5554 # Dummy provider configuration # It will always accept 123456 as a valid verification code # Good for a remote test server sess-man/plugins-conf/kontalk\:jabber\:iq\:register/providers[s]=dummy=org.kontalk.xmppserver.registration.

Dummy Provider sess-man/plugins-conf/kontalk\:jabber\:iq\:register/dummy-sender=123456 # Endpoints configuration # All endpoints must declare a client Cert CA pointing to a valid certificate chain file # (any CA chain will do, it won't actually be used but Tigase won't work without it) # Client endpoint configuration --c2s-ports=5999,5222,5223,8443 c2s/connections/5223/socket=ssl c2s/connections/8443/socket=ssl c2s/client Cert CA=# Websocket endpoint configuration message-router/components/msg-receivers/[B]=false ws2s/connections/5290/socket=ssl ws2s/client Cert CA=# BOSH endpoint configuration message-router/components/msg-receivers/[B]=false bosh/connections/5280/socket=ssl bosh/client Cert CA=# S2S endpoint configuration (comment to disable XMPP federation) --s2s-ports=5269,5222,5999,8443 # Enabled plugins, comma-separated # prefixed with a minus (-) means not loaded, prefixed with nothing or with a plus ( ) means loaded.

They also give a good demonstration of how to implement your own item importer if desired.

The basic concept behind the DSpace's simple archive format is to create an archive, which is directory full of items, with a subdirectory per item.

NET application, it’s very simple to use the built-in Button and Link Button controls to perform actions like adding a record to a database or saving changes.

When you create one of these buttons, the HTML looks something like this: Notice the Command Name attribute.

This section explains many of the on-demand operations.

To demonstrate data binding for a Drop Down List in a Form View switch the Form View to the Edit Item Template.

You can use the Smart tags menu or switch to the ASP.

Some of the command operations may be also set up as cron jobs.

Many of these operations are performed at the Command Line Interface (CLI) also known as the Unix prompt ($:) Future reference will use the term CLI when the use needs to be at the command line. This table explains what data is contained in the individual command/help tables in the sections that follow., import the structure into DSpace while logged in as the supplied administrator, and then output the same structure to the output file, but including the handle for each imported community and collection as an attribute.

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