Iphone battery icon not updating girl dating advice for 12 yearold boys

So while we wait for that to get pushed out, we can do a little troubleshooting on our end.

Once your device has restarted you should see the battery icon back to normal.

In the support document, Apple addresses the issue and assures i Phone 6s and i Phone 6s Plus users that it is working on a fix.

Weirdly, the company says the issue is caused by time zone changes, whether done manually or automatically while traveling (via Mac Rumors).

Battery life, performance etc., are some of the common issues that most of the Smartphone users keep on facing constantly.

Some i Phone users have discovered their devices battery life percentage indicator within the status bar is stuck and not updating, only to then have the percent jump way down, sometimes to the point where the i Phone is about to run out of battery.This seems to primarily impact the i Phone 6s and i Phone 6s Plus, but a group of users with other devices have seen the issue as well, where the battery gauge doesn’t update.The cause of the battery charge indicator being stuck and/or the percentage jumping dramatically issue is usually a software bug that Apple has acknowledged, with a fix coming in a future release of i OS software.Meaning, these i Phone users have no idea what battery percentage their device is really at.At times the battery percentage will drop below 20 percent and jump back up to 60 percent without any warning.

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