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Maybe trick him into insulting her or demanding that she… I think this summer was the first time I had actually washed it and it felt unfamiliar without its usual sweat stench and stiffness. As she was getting in, Craig gave me a look that would have wilted fresh flowers. “Yep,” I said shortly, the matter closed as far as I was concerned. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “She’s what?! But the more agile among our team were able to gang up on Craig’s bigger teammates, taking them out one at a time. Figured you’d want to get there first.” I handed the ice pack back to the nurse, thanked her, and walked back to the locker room. “Hurts like a motherfucker, but I’m okay.” “That was bullshit, man,” Ted said, “There was no way Craig did that on accident.” “Fuck Craig,” Brad said, “Let’s kick his ass when he gets in here.” There was some general assent. I wanted to introduce his face to the edge of the bleachers.” “Guys, don’t even worry about it. I brushed my teeth and took a quick hot shower that, even though I had my mind elsewhere, still felt really good. Alan was letting his arms hang limp off the bed, a dopey grin spreading across his face.

Maybe if I could make it so she saw the asshole side of him? She blinked when she saw me shirtless but was otherwise unaffected. It was your standard washed-out gray color with the school name printed above the left breast. “Sorry I’m late,” Craig said, smiling at Kayla after giving me a death glare, “Would you rather go with him? “Well, you promised to give me a ride…” “Go ahead,” I said resignedly, “I wouldn’t want him to break a promise.” She smiled at me as she walked around his car. Running, shouting, tossing, hitting…They may as well call the game ‘Adrenaline Rush’. The heavy-hitters on Craig’s team intimidated some of the weaker-stomached players on our team, making them freeze up and become an easy target. Everyone’s getting ready to head back to the locker rooms. “Coach is having a chat with him,” Brad replied, “That son of a bitch was grinning for the rest of class. Kayla: I’m going to do my homework but I’ll text you if I’m bored, okay? I had been told by Craig’s previous conquests that his kisses were atrocious and I’m just sorry that Kayla had to witness that firsthand. As such, I needed to make it seem like I was getting ready for bed. She had her eyes closed, clearly concentrating as hard as possible on what she was doing.

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I didn’t want to go to school, to have to see Craig’s smug face as he flaunted his new relationship in front of me. My phone chirruped and I pulled it over to see I had three new text messages. Say the word and me and Brad will pound his skull in. Could you maybe find a way to come over after school to help me with it? On the other hand, she was as sweet as ever and I knew she wasn’t just buttering me up. Brad and Joe were aiming for each other, each throwing their missiles so hard that their grunts sounded like bulls charging a gate. They charged toward the mid-court line, hurling their dodge balls. She looked around for a ball but before she could find one, Craig was back at her side. I collapsed, roaring, “Son of a…” It felt like something had broken. She kept her hand on my shoulder as I turned toward the shouts. I thought back to what my dad had said that morning about finding out what Kayla liked before thinking about dating her. I turned on him, feeling the fury blaze my eyes, and I considered for a moment letting Brad and Joe tear him apart. After a moment, though, the feeling went away and I smiled benignly at Craig. She saw exactly what he did but he was her boyfriend. By the end, we were almost afraid to even toss the balls like softballs.” “Sorry to have ruined it.” “You didn’t! I saw Joe and Brad hanging back, looking at me with raised eyebrows. Mom had remembered the money so now my account was able to save my rapidly dwindling cash. “Please,” Alan whispered, “Put it in your mouth again.” Amanda obliged, sliding her mouth with torturous slowness down his length.

I quote Eric Cartman, Patron Saint of the Fucking Douchebags… One from Joe, one from Tara, and the most recent one…from Kayla. Ted was aiming for Craig, who had teamed up with Kayla to take it in turns to bean our team from near the back of the gym. Craig hit Ted on the shoulder, leaving me as the last-man-standing. I was seeing stars dance in front of my eyes as my nose was filled with the metallic smell of blood. The words were still not very clear, but the image was: Brad and Joe were being held back, roaring at Craig who was holding up his hands innocently. “Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen again.” I slammed my locker shut and stalked out of the locker room, ablaze with anger. ” “Oh, please, you should see it on a bad day,” I smiled. He was probably preparing a dozen lines to get back in her good books. It didn’t help the food taste any better but it was something. I mean, he’s not the first guy I’ve kissed but…maybe I’m just inexperienced. Alan tried to buck his hips up to go in deeper but she held him down with her other hand and pulled her mouth off his cock.

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