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When someone loves you they keep whatever you say in private, they don’t tell their friends, their colleagues or their family. The more advanced you are in your career, status or fame, the more difficult it is ...more Finding balance in your career and significant relationship is a work in progress for all couples.If it is language, behaviour or how your date behaves when they are with their friends then try to find a way of saying that without getting personal about anyone in particular.While you shouldn’t spend every date hanging out with mates it is also unrealistic to expect to have your date exclusively to yourself all the time.And then, very occasionally, it's even more random than that. I'm not usually one for doling out fashion advice, but here goes nothing.Sometimes, it's just a question, like: "Is it okay to wear shorts on a date? The trouble with shorts and the weather Short trousers present plenty of problems to anyone, let alone an earnest young singleton (I am not talking about myself here) who so desperately wants to make the right impression. Like a cat waking up from castration or a cantankerous grandfather who told you to play in that shed, you never quite know which way it's going to go.Before you say anything to your date you need to know exactly what it is you are uncomfortable or unhappy about.Saying ‘I don’t like your friends’ is unlikely to go down well because we choose our friends, unlike our family, so to some extent they are a reflection of our personality and tastes.

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If they demand or insist you meet with their friends or anyone else, they’re not keepers.

Are we looking to try on a ‘nice piece’ when we date, to see if it ‘suits’’ us, or are we tentatively, carefully and cautiously searching out the hidden treasure of another’s heart and treating it with the utmost care?

We need to be careful in this current, casual culture that we live in, that we don’t treat dating like going into a clothes store, scanning the racks, picking up 3 or 4 outfits that we think might be the ‘one’ we are looking for, for that special occasion, Relationships are both fragile and robust.

" or "Who's that famous person you mention in this blog?

" and other times it's women in America trying to get me to link to their blogs about nannies, or contraception, or gay marriage.

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