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Then, a new challenge arrived in the form of a man named Jonathan.

Jonathan was a nice guy, which made me all the more suspicious.

But when I first met him, he was scared of commitment.

His last few relationships had been bad and he was afraid to open up again in a new one.

He’s funny, smart, cute and makes you weak in the knees. Lately, it seems like there are tons of guys out there who are afraid of commitment and, to be honest, it can get pretty frustrating.

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Somehow, I resisted the urge to sabotage the whole thing. Ever the cynic, I kept searching for a sign that he was a fraud.

That’s when he says the one thing you didn’t want to hear him say: he doesn’t want to be in a relationship right now. But if you’re wondering what the eff is going on, keep reading.

Here are 8 possible reasons he’s afraid of commitment.

They play games with your heart as they are in a constant state of emotional conflict. They minimise, alter or deny the reality and make excuses for the CP.

They like to plan last minute and 'go with the flow', and often say 'sounds great'' or 'I will get back to you' and cancel last minute, stand you up or turn up late. They twist things when you confront them by turning nasty, calling you a drama queen or accusing you of being over sensitive. They are often attractive and successful, yet come up with lots of reasons why they haven't been married, lived with anyone or had a long term commitment. If you complain about not seeing them enough - they say you are too clingy or needy. They like to control everything by picking time frames that are convenient for them. They often date people who live a distance or are married, as then when they want 'out' they then have a great excuse to end the relationship. They pull away when you get close and chase you when you pull away. They are often unfaithful and favour affairs and flings over long term relationships. They like to date as they get lonely but get bored easily which is when the text, emails and calls start slowing down. They often compartmentalise elements of their life which is a sure sign you are they are not into you for the long term. They often mask their deep unhappiness with empty sex, gambling, drink or drugs. Many friends and clients, go into 'euphoric recall' - selective memory focusing on the good sex or/and great lifestyle or charm or looks.

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