Dating a psychopath

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He's spent the past 44 years in prison and nearly 60 years incarcerated altogether, meaning he has spent less than two decades of his life as a free man. For her part, Star has been living in Corcoran for the past seven years, since she was 19.

It wasn't Charlie's murderous reputation that drew her here but his pro-Earth environmental stance, known as ATWA, standing for air, trees, water and animals.

The first thing you notice about Manson is the X (later changed to a swastika) he carved into his forehead during his trial, to protest his treatment at the hands of the law, an act that was soon copied by his co-defendants – and, all these years later, by the girl sitting across from him, Star, who recently cut an X into her forehead, too. Despite his age, there's none of that gross old-man stuff about him, no ear hair, no nose hair, no gunk collecting in the corners of his mouth, and his prison-approved blue shirt has not a wrinkle or a food stain on it. The third is how softly he speaks, so different from how he was in TV interviews during the Eighties and Nineties, when, for instance, he angled in on Diane Sawyer in her black turtleneck and pretty earrings, roaring, "I'm a gangster, woman. He bends down, looks inside, moves things and heaves up a great sigh of disappointment."Well," he says.

We are not talking about the times you are angry and you call your partner mad.

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Sometimes, the signs that you are dating a psychopath are not very obvious.

However, you need to pick up the signs that your boyfriend or girlfriend is a psychotic early.

This is to preserve your own sanity and mental health.

Charlie is probably the most infamous convicted killer of all time.

He's been called the devil for the way he influenced friends to murder on his behalf.

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