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Microsoft is introducing Windows 10 as the last Windows ever and is switching to a Windows as a Service model.This switch should provide more frequent ongoing updates and continual enhancements rather than separate iterations of Windows.The other school of thought is that getting device drivers from Microsoft is a bad thing because they are essentially stripped-down versions of what the device manufacturer provides.

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However, despite all the improvements made to drivers, many user's have been unable to enjoy the benefits of up-to-date drivers due to the simple fact that they can not find, download or install the updated driver packages. The device manager for Windows was first introduced in Windows 95.Windows 10 tries to be a handy helper wherever it can and one area it does that best is Windows Update.Whenever you connect an unknown device to your computer, Windows 10 will check Windows Update first, for an available driver then attempt to install it.Developers share their own set of problems with drivers as well. The kind of programming it takes to write instructions for communication between circuitry demands unique skills and powerful logic.Driver developers are challenged by the demands for increased performance and they are challenged even further when required to achieve performance without losing neither stability, nor compatibility.

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